Time for another throwback

Hello everyone! It's Sunday and that means it's time for another blog post. This post is coming out later then usual as I normally write these on Saturday and then post them on Sunday morning but last night Jeannie and I went out to celebrate a friends birthday and it was also daylight savings time so that is my excuse. Ok on with the blog

For this week I wanted to do a throwback to a cool place that my friend Nita and I explored. She had told me about this old leaning barn that was in the middle of nowhere in southern Virginia. My friend and urban exploring buddy Sterling had shot the barn and the pictures were amazing and I decided that I needed to see this place for myself. 

We hit the road very early in the morning as we wanted to get to the location for sunrise and it was about a 90 minute drive to get there. After a couple of wrong turns we made it just as the sun was coming up. Got out my camera and got this shot.


I fell in love with this shot. The contrails from the planes and the road all led up to the barn. After this shot the sun was really starting to come up so it was time to try to get some different angles of this amazing barn.


The crazy in me decided to go inside to see if there was anything of interest in the barn. I felt that is was stable enough and I made sure to stay by the door so I could jump out quickly if I needed too. All that I really saw inside was a bunch of empty bottles of DDT.


As I was finishing up taking my photos I decided to get one last shot and I shot this HDR photo which turned out to be my favorite shot of the day. This is 5 shot HDR.


After i processed these i decided to make prints out of the first picture I shoed and this last one. The first one I had printed on canvas and the HDR I had printed on metal. When I got the metal print back i was floored on the amount of detail in the photo and how much it popped. I have hung both of these at the gallery and have sold a few prints of each. Every first Friday I get so many nice comments on this photo and I also get asked if I photoshopped the lean into the barn. I have to tell them that I am not anywhere near the skill level to do something like this in post. 

Now for the sad news. About a month after I shared these pictures another friend of mine made the drive up to photograph the barn and all he found was a pile of rubble. I am not sure what made the barn finally fall but it made me sad as I wanted to go back again and photograph it in different lighting conditions.

Well thats going to do it for this weeks post. If you would like to see these images in person please come see me at the gallery on the first Friday of every month. I am at 311 Gallery located at 311 W. Martin St. in downtown Raleigh. I will see you next Sunday for another post.