Early Photography Experience

As a child, I assisted my father, a commercial artist and photographer, with shoots and developing images in the dark room. I didn’t truly come to appreciate photography though, until about 8 years ago when I shot with my first DSLR.

Since that day, my passion for the art has grown from a hobby to a career.

My Favorite Places To Shoot

Abandoned places are one of my favorite subjects as I find myself creating stories about the history of the home, school, or factory through my imagery.

There is something compelling about the decay which incites me to speak about it through my photographs. In shooting abandoned property, it also helps preserve the history as eventually the buildings are demolished or collapse.

Favorite Types of Work

My work with models for portraiture and fine art nudes is another favorite subject of mine. Transitioning from shooting landscapes/architecture to people helped bring out more of my creativity.

In my amusingly named #shapesandshit series, I’ve incorporated landscapes with models to show a dynamic between the movement of the human body and nature.

Always Learning and Improving

Every day I challenge myself to learn something new and push myself further with my imagery.

To me, photography is limitless as the art is continuing to be redefined and the creative possibilities are endless.

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