Sorry that I missed a week. Dealing with some things

Hey everyone I apologize for missing a blog post last week. I have been so focused on getting the client edits done and I realized on Monday that I forgot to blog and I just said to wait until this week to blog again.

So I have had a hard time thinking about what I was going to blog about this week. I have been going through some things that I am not going to talk about at this time and I needed the time to absorb them and move forward. On a good not my new medication that I am on for my Hiatal hernia has been working like a charm and I have not felt sick for a month now. I have even gone back to eating food that my other Dr told me not to eat anymore. 

So with everything going on I have had a lot of things on my plate and I have decided that I need to take some time off for me and hit the reset switch. So sometime this week I will figure out when I can take a week off from work and have some time for myself. I will hopefully go down to Atlanta for a coupe of days and visit my sister and her family in their new house as they just move there from Ohio. I might also take a day trip to the beach and most definitely break my camera out and do some shooting for myself. This year I have really not shot for myself except one time and that needs to change. While I am happy that I have a lot of client work along with my regular full time job something needs to change so I can do some personal work and get the creative juices flowing again. 

That's going to wrap it up for this week again I am sorry for missing last week and having such a short post for this week but please bear with me and I should be back to normal soon. I will see you next Sunday.