Playing around with IR

Hello everyone another Sunday is here and today I want to talk about infrared camera's. I picked up a Nikon D40x from my friend Steve that was converted to IR and started to play around with it. At first I was just shooting landscapes as I thought that is what it would be most suited for. For it's first outing I went out to Umstead park which is only 10 minutes away from me on a beautiful day and decided to for for a hike along the trails and I took these shots.


I really loved the way the images gave off that post apocalyptic feel. I knew now that I was hooked on IR. For my next outing with the camera I decided to bring ti with me on an outing with my local camera club to a train museum and see how shooting objects would turn out.


To say I was pumped about how the images turned out would be an understatement. Now i really want to experiment with it and see how portraits would turn out. I had a shoot scheduled with my friend Emily and we went back to Umstead park and while I shot most of the shoot with my normal camera I pulled out the IR camera and fired off a few portraits of her to see what it would look like.


Too my surprise it turned her brown hair blue and gave the pictures a fairy tale look to them. Another thing that I discovered was that it really smooths out the skin and removes all blemishes so there is really no retouching that is needed. 

Next I am going to show some images from one of my recent shoots with my friend Kristen. Her hair was already dyed blue so i was curious to see what color her hair would turn too. I was surprised to see that it turned her hair white.


Well that is going to do it for this weeks blog. I hope that you enjoyed the images as much as I do. I am going to start a whole series of portraiture in IR and I will share more of them on all of my social media pages. Until next week.