Time to get creative again

Over the last couple of months I hardly ever pulled the camera out of my bag to do a shoot for myself. I have been shooting but for clients and not for myself and I fell that I hit a creative wall. I was not inspired to shoot and last month I decided that it was time to change that.

I found out that behind my apartment complex in the woods that there was a horse cemetery. I found this out a few years ago when I always used to see cars park at the end of the road and go into the woods. I stopped one of them and asked and they told me that they were geocachers and there was a cache at the cemetery.  It is only really accessible during the fall and winter months as it os overgrown in the spring and summer and not to mention tons of bugs and ticks.

So I asked my friend Kristen if she would like to do a shoot with me and she had a couple of really cool outfits. So we met at my place and walked into the woods. When I got the the cemetery it was not as grand as I had remembered it when I first visited a few years earlier but the recent hurricane had knocked down a lot of trees and I knew I could make some cool poses with it. 



I had also brought by infrared camera with me and decided to try to take some portraits with it. I did this with my friend Emily in the past and I loved how it turned her brown hair blue. Since Kristen has blue hair I was curious to see what it would do. To my surprise it turned her hair white. I am thinking about doing a whole series of portraits with the IR camera. 


Well thats going to wrap up this weeks blog post. Until next week.