Beauty and Decay with Jackie Tabor

For this weeks blog I am very excited to finally be able to share these images from a recent shoot. I had wanted to post them last week but since I had submitted these to some magazines for publication I was unable to as they require the images to be exclusive. Unfortunately I did not make it into the magazines but there is still hope for one more but they don't require the images to be exclusive.

There is an old abandoned house next to my apartment complex buried in the woods and is really only accessible during the winter months when all the leaves are on the ground and the bugs are not out. I had tried going in there during the summer months but I kept pulling ticks off of me and trying to avoid all the spider webs as well.

Since we have been having a warm February I reached out to a model that I have known for years on Facebook but I never had the opportunity to work with named Jackie. I reached out to her and explained my beauty and decay concept to her and she was in. My wonderful girlfriend Jeannie provided the dress for the shoot as well as a headpiece that she made for me as well as some props that we had found during some of our shopping trips.

The day of the shoot arrived and it was a beautiful morning. Jeannie did the makeup and we walked over to the abandoned house. 




We then walked back further into the woods to an old tobacco barn and fired off a few more shots.


I really loved the way the light was coming through the hole in the roof. This was Jackie's idea for this pose by the way.


As we started heading back I decided that I wanted to try one more pose. There is a few old cars buried in the woods by the house and I wanted to see if I could capture something with the car. This is the result.


Well that is going to wrap it up for this week. I am really going to try to get out and shoot a lot more for myself this year. Working with my girlfriend Jeannie on some of her shoots has really inspired me to do some more creative portraiture. Until next week. 

Model: Jackie Tabor

Photography: David Spector Photography

Make-Up: Jeannie Nadja

Wardrobe: NEW LOOK dress |JNS DESIGNED headpiece