I wanted to post some images but instead it's video of my dog eating bubbles

So last night as I finished up editing the images from my shoot last Sunday with Jackie tabor I was all ready to share them with everyone in today's blog. Jeannie came over and i was showing her the edits and how beautiful her headpiece came out when she suggested that I need to submit these to some magazines to see if I can get them published.

I immediately became excited about the idea and we started doing the crops needed for the submission process. We came up with 8 images to submit and I will be sending them off to the editors today to see if I get accepted.

Since most magazines want exclusive images that is the reason I cannot share them with you today. But as soon as I find out I will share them so please be patient for the next couple of weeks. I have never been published in a magazine before  so this would be amazing if I get in. Jeannie has been published quite a few times.

Ok so now what do I talk about in today's blog post? Jeannie had bought some bubbles for her cat to play with but Spooky cat was having nothing to do with it so she asked if i wanted them to use with my two dogs.

When she came over last night we tried it so see of the pups would like it. Millie was like Spooky cat and wanted nothing to do with them but Buster was all over it. So i shot some video with my iPhone and got the below video. I smile and laugh every time I watch it and i hope you do as well.

That's going to wrap it up for today. I will keep everyone updated on the magazine submission process over on my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/DavidSpectorPhotography/