Time for another throwback. This time with Emily.

For this week I didn't have anything new to share (but I will next week) so I decided to do another throwback blog post. For this one I wanted to share some of my favorite images that I have taken of one of my good close friends and an amazing model Emily. 

Emily and I met a couple of years ago at a Christmas party and I knew right away that we were going to be close friends. We messaged each other quite a few times and then we set up a shoot at Raven Rock State park.

We met and walked around the park for a while looking for areas to shoot. I saw a really nice formations of rock and we started to shoot.


We had a wonderful shoot and we knew that we had to plan another one.

My friend Nita had taken me to this property that she had permission to shoot at and it had a wonderful mountaintop view. I told Emily about it and we set up the shoot

On the day of the shoot while driving up there we knew that there was a threat of thunderstorms but we decided to risk it and shoot anyway. We hiked up the mountain and when we got to the location I could see the storm clouds rolling in and i knew we had about 15 minutes to shoot and then we would be getting the bad weather. I quickly set up and did our shoot. I have to say the storm clouds made the shoot .


After I took this last shot I told Emily that we had to leave the mountain. I quickly packed up my gear and Emily barely had a chance to get dressed as almost hurricane force winds started blowing around us. We started running down the mountain and I almost lost my way as the trail we came up now had a tree down across it so I didn't recognize the trail. Emily only in her underwear and I ran down the mountain to the car and to safety. I have to say I was scared that we were going to get struck by lightning or have a tree fall on us during the run down the mountain but it was all worth it.

For the last shoot that I want to share this week Emily and I went to a spot along the Eno river where I had assisted my friend Paul on a shoot a few weeks earlier and I knew that I had to come back to this awesome location. For this shoot we were going to do a fine art shoot and get Emily in the river posing along all of the rock formations in the river. Again there was another storm brewing but we had a lot more time to shoot before the weather would hit us. The water was nice and warm and I even waded in the water with my camera to get these shots.


Well that is it for today. I have a wonderful shoot lined up on Sunday morning with a model named Jackie and we are going to shoot at an abandoned house in the woods next to my apartment complex and i look forward to sharing them with you next week.